Guest Preachers

Life in the Faith Lane - P3: Ash Martinez

Ash shares with us how god helped her through her own struggles with infertility, and how she learned to accept the fruits of the spirit rather than succumb to doubt and anger.

God is a good Gardner. Like the vines of grapes made strong through times of drought and stress, we are meant to be intertwined with Jesus and through him we bare fruit.

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you”
— James 4:8 NLT

Life in the Faith Lane - P2: Faith Kirby

Faith Kirby speaks before the church this week in our second installment of our month long series called "Life in the Faith Lane". Faith opens up and shares her struggles with shame, and how it directly impeded her life early on. She urges us not to let pain become our future. God is there with us even in the moments where we would rather not be seen. She encourages us that shame is a lie and we should step forward into gods promises rather than stepping away. God wants to weave our story into his; not because he needs us, but because his heat is for us.

Walking in Victory

This week Steph Mangan shares about Gods presence in our lives, even in the middle of hard seasons dominated by storms and challenges. While Gods eyes are set far beyond our own comprehension, he is still compassionate to the troubles directly in front of us for his kindness and love are unending.

"It Is Finished" - John 19:30

You are a Leader

Steph Mangan stands before us this week and tells us that we all are leaders, whether we realize it or not. Be it our friends, family, or in our community; we are all called to live lives that lead those in our world to god. It’s not a choice whether you ARE leading, only WHERE you are leading those who follow you.

Our Perspective on Difficulty

Former Life Church founding member Jason Gray visits from Norway and speaks on the importance of perspective when dealing with challenges in our life.

"The obstacles that we face don't have to determine or define our life. Who god has called you to be is on the other side of that obstacle."