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Life in the Faith Lane - P2: Faith Kirby

“Don’t let your past pains become your present identity” - Faith Kirby

“Don’t let your past pains become your present identity” - Faith Kirby

Faith Kirby speaks before the church this week in our second installment of our month long series called "Life in the Faith Lane". Faith opens up and shares her struggles with shame, and how it directly impeded her life early on. She urges us not to let pain become our future. God is there with us even in the moments where we would rather not be seen. She encourages us that shame is a lie and we should step forward into gods promises rather than stepping away. God wants to weave our story into his; not because he needs us, but because his heart is for us.

Isolation is a breeding ground of shame. We are so much weaker along in isolation.
— Dr. Curt Thompson

Walking in Victory

This week Steph Mangan shares about Gods presence in our lives, even in the middle of hard seasons dominated by storms and challenges. While Gods eyes are set far beyond our own comprehension, he is still compassionate to the troubles directly in front of us for his kindness and love are unending.

It Is Finished
— John 19:30

On the Way - P3: Baptism

We continue with our series dedicated to studying moments when several key figured were called to god while they were "On the Way" through their life.

This week we focus on the story of Philip, when one day after speaking to a large crowed was commanded to travel to Gaza by an angel of the lord. Without hesitation Philip set off and inevitably altered the life of a man by baptizing him on their journey. Philip's unquestioning faith lead him to a man who held a tremendous amount of influence over the people and would lead to eternal change. He was bold enough to stand before the masses, yet also humble enough to simply sit with the one. By serving the people around us we are inadvertently serving Jesus as well.

On the Way - P2 : An Invitation To More

Throughout the Bible god makes it clear that where you are at in life isn't important, it's how you respond to him that is. This week Tim asks us an important question.

"What would Jesus ask you to let go of? What is it in your life that is holding you back from chasing after Jesus completely? "

Whether it's a relationship, a hobby, your career, money, a mind set, addictions, or anything; if something is holding you back from following in gods plan than it just isn't worth it.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
— Jeremiah 29:11

The Impact of Obedience - P4: Drawing Closer To God

In today’s podcast Pastor Tim Mangan looks at Matthew 6:21:

“ Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Tim explains that for us to grow our heart in something, we must chose to invest into it. God is always drawing closer to us. Tim urges us to invest in our relationship with god in order to reap the benefits of his blessing.

Draw near to god, and he will draw near to you.
— James 4:8

The Impact of Obedience - P3 : Living In Gods Blessing For You

As we continue to learning about the impact of obedience, Pastor Tim Mangan shows us that god offers us a choice . He does not force obedience or blessing on us, instead we must choose to take a hold of it ourselves. He encourages us to choose life and how gods blessing stems from the overflow of obedience.

The Impact of Obedience - P2: Becoming Who You are Called to Be

As we continue this series on “The Impact of Obedience”, Pastor Tim Mangan challenges us to look at the Bible and shape our identity to match what god is calling us to be. Though difficult, by working through these challenges and cultivating our obedience to god we will surely be blessed in all that we do.

Choose life! This is Gods heart! Choose life so that you and your children may live!
— Deuteronomy 30:15-20

The Impact of Obedience - P1: Living How You’re Called To Live

As we begin a new series, Past Tim Mangan tackles the concept of obedience and goes on to explain that our obedience to God should never be seen as a burden, but as a pathway His blessing.

"Our obedience to God should always come as an overflow of our heart towards him"

Heart for the House - Episode 3: Our Heart for God's House

In the third and final episode of our annual Heart for the House Series, Pastor Tim Mangan discusses the importance of having a heart for God’s House and one another. Much of the time that requires our willingness to sacrifice.

“Faith accompanied by itself without action is dead”

The Pulse - Episode 1 : Reading the Bible

As we begin a new series called "The Pulse", Pastor Tim Mangan will be focusing on four areas in which the Church can look to improve.

This weeks sermon focuses on how we as the church can improve by focusing on the Bible and its teachings. Tim offers ways in with we can slowly incorporate the Bible into our daily ritual and why it's important to do so.